Fishermen, Friends, Fellow Funsters!
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Phone: 501-654-8844
Address: 10714 Hwy 92 East     Bee Branch AR 72013

Gather the family, pack up your gear and come on over!
Toad's Mean Green RV Park is a fantastic park with something for everyone. Enjoy the wonderful shade trees, roomy parking for RV & boat, an outside sink for cleaning your catch.
We are one mile from Greer's Ferry Lake, and just a couple miles from gas and snacks.

Area Attractions:
(Including Fairfield Bay, Heber Springs, and Greers Ferry )
         Fishing - Tommy's Fish Finding Service
                              Greer's Ferry Lake Events
       Nature Trails - Buckeye National Nature Trail
                              Collins Creek Trail
                              Josh Park Memorial Trail
                              Sugar Loaf National Nature Trail
       Tours - Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery
       Championship Golf Courses - Mountain Ranch
                             Indian Hills
                             Tannenbaum Golf Club,
                             Red RIver
                             Riverland Country Club,
       Tennis Centers - FairField Bay Tennis
       Hunting - Wildlife Management
       Swimming & Boating - Lacey's Marina
                             Heber Springs Marina
                             Narrows Marina
                             Shiloh Marina
                             Sugar Loaf Marina
                            Greers Ferry Lake Yacht Club
       Luxurious Dining - several restaurants in the area
       Antiques Shopping - many little shops for all

Amenities Include:          

  • Cable TV
  • Wireless Internet Service
  • Water / Sewer Hook-ups
  • Electric (20, 30, & 50amp)
  • Public Restrooms / Showers
  • Public Laundry room (coin operated)
  • Dump station (Fees apply)
  • Fish cleaning station
  • Fishing Guide Service available
  • Large meeting / activity room
  • Computer & TV in activity room
Family Fun RVing & Fishing Getaway Weekend
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       Domestic Sales Vacation Rentals: (click here)

more information on the basic package is found on the Reservation page
ToadDid you know....

To swallow food, they draw their eyeballs into their head to help push the food down. 
RV Park Award
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Park Rules Include: (read our full park rules here)
           Quiet Time: 10:00 p.m. - 7 a.m.
           Dogs are welcome:
keep them on a leash.
You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog. If you have forgotten your scooper come to the office and get one before you take your dog walking.
           Respect the wild life: We are located in the woods so there will be wildlife wandering around. Take a picture but do not attempt to pet or feed any of them.
           No hunting in or around RV park: all hunting supplies must remain in your RV or vehicle. People are present
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